The New Mindset

The New Mindset

The Creative

“Creativity which underpins effective innovation cannot come from an old mindset. We need to rediscover the ‘True Essence of Innovation’; ‘The Creative’, to  empower our individual and collective brilliance” PW

A few weeks ago I was invited into the office of a well known international business strategist to talk about innovation.  We were catching up… on our current projects and upcoming events.  Deep in our conversation he asked me to describe some of my insights that are the foundation of my work.  The above quote is one of those awarenesses.   He said, “I have to post that on Linked In!”  I was very surprised a week later when he said over 700 people had read my quote.

Clearly this touched a powerful and unspoken yearning in many people.  I have witnessed, studied, and analyzed this yearning.  I have come to understand what diverts and detours these deep yearnings.  I have discovered pathways that reconnect and restore our individual and collective brilliance which existed  before the onset of these longings.

The source of this yearning is the desire to be in The Creative.  We are all intimately familiar with The Creative.  We lived inside the Realm of The Creative for years.  There is no other time in our lives that we Learn more than our  first 7 years, those are the same years that we inhabit The Creative.  There is a deep connection with Learning and The Creative.

I am not describing a childish nostalgia or pinning for the days of zero responsibility.  I am clarifying the wellspring of authentic Innovation and Creativity.   In our childhoods’ we each, in myriad ways, expressed ourselves from The Creative.  We engaged The Creative effortlessly and enthusiastically.  We eventually label people; artists, inventors, and innovators if they retained their relationship with creativity.  Yet, no matter who we are, The Creative remains within each and everyone of us; accessible  and continuously available.

The “old mindset”  is oblivious to The Creative.  In fact the prevailing old mindsets are aggressive and antagonistic to The Creative.  The old mindset wants creativity, but wants it in a neat and nice package.  The old mindset desires innovation, but wants it controlled within strict parameters and boundaries.

Children nor artists approach creativity “neatly” or “nicely”. If throughout history, artists had embarked on creativity with strictly controlled parameters and boundaries, we would simply not have art.  Businesses can not afford to confine and bind the innovative process.

Of course there are times for  tidiness and pleasantness.  And certainly, where applicable; artists, inventors, and innovators utilize frameworks and limits.  But not within the True Essence of the Creative or Innovative process.

The Creative is a space of necessary chaos,  an  open space of imaginal abandon,  a place of ecstatic willingness to risk,  a location for shattering and coalescing ideas and feelings, where you catch glimpses and hints of fleeting thoughts and whispering impressions.

Without the proper assistance from The Creative those who are trying to innovate and create are simply distracting themselves.  There is a lot of “muscling” done regarding creativity.  And a lot of “over thinking” connected to innovation.   As well as a tremendous amount of “busyness” to find the next big thing.  Neither sheer brawn nor muddled wit or franticness will ever transform into authentic Innovation or Creativity.

To get innovation right, we must reconnect with the part of ourselves, The Creative, that is capable of actual Innovation and Creativity.

I am leading the way into a revolution of Innovation.  My groundbreaking work assists the daring and the willing to discover the true essence of Innovation and Restore The Creative.

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