Awakening Innovation Lunch & Learn, Catalyst, Denver, March 2019


“… and I wish you the best of luck in pursuing your career.  I agree with you completely about pursuing your passion— any other course is just marking time throughout life.” letter from Warren Buffet, Omaha, NE

“Patrick helps people feel safe to create.  He sets a space where fear can’t breathe and the fire of creativity is unleashed. He is a gifted artist, a patient teacher, and a kind human being who can’t stop seeing the potential in what humanity has to offer the arts… and to the world.”  Erin from Boulder, CO

“You’re not coming from a perspective of arrogance or that you are holier than thou.  You are no different than us, your skill set is different, your experience is different, and yet you believe I have the same ability but perhaps in a different direction. I believe your belief in me.”  Sue from Calgary, Canada

“Extremely thought provoking. I want to hear more!”  Stephanie from Denver, CO

“Profound perspectives and definitions of creativity. A new awareness of things that we often don’t notice or take for granted.  A conscious look at how play and imagination are critical to learning and creativity. Very thought provoking. Thank you!”  Diane from Denver, CO

“You bring a sense of freedom when you talk about creativity. I want to feel that freedom that you have.”  Cindy from Ridgway, CO

“You’ve got the ultimate credibility ’cause if there’s someone in the audience saying ‘No Patrick’s the artist’,  you’re the one saying ‘No You Are!” Andy from Denver, CO

“Excellent. Feels like I’m recharged to look at creativity in my life”  Woman from Denver, CO

“Aha moment came when you talked about creative tension and engaging the resistance.”  Audience member Denver, CO