The Art of Business Ideation

Patrick Williams’ presentation, Awakening Innovation: The Art of Business Ideation; introduces a new paradigm regarding Innovation and Creativity. Using material from his Philosophy of Creativity, Patrick demonstrates how and why old mindsets derail authentic and notable innovation. He describes how creativity is lost inside of Creative Colonization and Creative Collapse and the toll this loss inflicts on our lives, businesses, and Culture. He outlines The Creative Void, a state of debilitating and pervasive creative suspension.

Patrick guides his audiences out of the Void and impresses upon them they each had a deep and effortless relationship with creativity, imagination and play in their youth! And this relationship is still accessible within each of them. Our much needed new mindsets emerge from Creative Awakening, the process that restores our inherent fluent youthful link to authentic Creativity and Innovation.

Patrick describes how access to Authentic Creativity is positively linked to well-being, increased communication skills, better critical thinking skills, higher concentration levels, more constructive complex thinking, greater curiosity, better comprehension, and increased productivity and much much more. All abilities and attributes entrepreneurs are striving for and successful businesses and corporations want in their employees and shareholders want in their C-suite teams.

Patrick’s groundbreaking presentations are initiating new standards of excellence for entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations. To get innovation and creativity right, we must reconnect with the parts of ourselves that are actually Innovative and Creative. Patrick elegantly describes how to remain resilient with our innate Creativity and Innovation and where authentic Creativity and Innovation can take us.

Why We Need The Arts 
Creativity is the most vital and often most untapped natural resource of our youth.  Undervaluing and overlooking Creativity as a core educational foundation depletes and damages the overall educational experience for both students and teachers.   Why We Need the Arts is a dynamic intermedia presentation designed to awaken and excite in teachers, administrators, staff, and parents a renewed understanding of the inherent value of authentic
Creativity in education.  In this comprehensive and leading-edge presentation, Patrick draws upon the Arts to demonstrate  the profound educational benefits and cultural necessity of Creativity.  Showing how the associated explorations, skills, and ideals experienced and practiced within the Arts build learning competence and a joy of learning across all curricula. In this presentation Patrick restores the Arts and Creativity to their vital role in Education. Why We Need the Arts encourages educators to rethink and reimagine this vast and intrinsic connection between Creativity and Education.

Communicating The Art of Creativity

Communicating the Art Of Creativity is a dynamic intermedia presentation  focusing on our collective relationship with Creativity. Each of us has a deep and original connection with Creativity.  Often this authentic and imaginal bond has been “misplaced”; we seemingly lose our Creativity.  In reality, Creativity is always within each of us. Using excerpts from his groundbreaking Philosophy of Creativity, Patrick defines Creative ColonizationCreative Collapse, and Creative Void; the hiding  spots of the “misplaced”.  Patrick describes the pathway out of Creative Void into Creative Reunion and the necessities of Creative Tension.

No matter your age or education, job description or pay grade, whether you are a student, a parent, business person, teacher, novice or accomplished artist this presentation is for everyone who desires and dares to access, maintain, and sustain their Creativity. Patrick  will point people in the right direction toward rekindling their embers and restoring the Creative Flame.