Breakthrough Innovation for the Business World

Patrick Williams; World Leader in Breakthrough Innovation and Creativity.  Patrick’s groundbreaking work with business innovation and creativity is setting new standards of excellence for individuals, businesses, and corporations.    Patrick is introducing  a new business paradigm.  Patrick articulates, demonstrates, and teaches how to reconnect, maintain, and sustain our innate creativity.  Every innovation is a creative process.

Patrick’s presentations and keynotes for corporations and businesses initiate new levels of development, motivation, vision, and productivity.  His workshops raise individuals and teams abilities to increase their personal understandings of creativity and thus increasing their work performance abilities, business objectives, project inspirations, qualities of focus, career enthusiasm and Innovation.  Re-igniting Creativity  greatly benefits the culture of the entire company.

There is plentiful bustling in the business world directed at innovation and creativity.  There are many individuals speaking about innovation and creativity.  Patrick stands out from other speakers and workshop facilitators because he has lived the life of a Creative. As an artist since the age of ten, Patrick has over 47 years of daily experience being Creative and Innovative.  Patrick is a master teacher who’s expertise in guiding and actualizing individuals and groups into greater understandings and abilities regarding Innovation and Creativity is superlative.

In the field of business innovation presenters, speakers, and workshop facilitators may spark novelty and some flickering interest in creativity.   People might experience a spike in their excitement, yet, this often fades in a day or a week.  That is the short game approach.

Patrick is  dedicated to the Long Game.  This clearly takes more effort, more persistence, more grit.   Patrick delivers  higher levels of teaching, deeper guidance, and a more reliable groundwork from which people are able to connect to their abiding creativity; the natural, innate, inherent creativity we are each born with.    Patrick assists individuals, teams, managers, and C-Suites; attain, sustain, maintain, and most importantly thrive with and in their truest Creativity and Innovation.

The benefit of employees having access to their core creativity is positively linked to their well being,  their productivity, their communication skills, critical thinking skills, concentration, complex thinking, curiosity, comprehension and much much more.  All abilities and attributes a successful business or corporation wants in their employees. And shareholders want in their C-suite teams.

To get Innovation and Creativity right, we must reconnect with the parts of ourselves that are actually Innovative and Creative.  Patrick Williams brings a life time of expertise, knowledge, analysis, synthesis, and resilience to each team, business, and corporation; so that they get Creativity and Innovation right and keep it flourishing.

“In the fields of Innovation, chance favors only a creative mind…!”

My variation on a Louis Pasteur’s quote;

“In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.”

Why We Need The Arts 
Creativity is the most vital and often most untapped natural resource of our youth.
Undervaluing and overlooking Creativity as a core educational foundation depletes and100_6555.JPG
damages the overall educational experience for both students and teachers.   Why We Need
the Arts is a dynamic intermedia presentation designed to awaken and excite in teachers,
administrators, staff, and parents a renewed understanding of the inherent value of authentic
Creativity in education.  In this comprehensive and leading-edge presentation, Patrick
draws upon the Arts to demonstrate  the profound educational benefits and cultural
necessity of Creativity. IMG_1332
Showing how the associated explorations, skills, and ideals experienced and practiced
within the Arts build learning competence and a joy of learning across all curricula. In this
presentation Patrick restores the Arts and Creativity to their vital role in Education. Why
We Need the Arts encourages educators to rethink and reimagine this vast and intrinsic
connection between Creativity and Education.

Communicating The Art of Creativity

Communicating the Art Of Creativity is a dynamic intermedia presentation  focusing on our collective relationship with Creativity. Each of us has a deep and original connection with Creativity.  Often this authentic and imaginal bond has been “misplaced”; we seemingly lose our Creativity.  In reality, Creativity is always within each of us. Using excerpts from his groundbreaking Philosophy of Creativity, Patrick defines Creative ColonizationCreative Collapse, and Creative Void; the hiding  spots of the “misplaced”.  Patrick describes the pathway out of Creative Void into Creative Reunion and the necessities of Creative Tension.  100_8228.JPG

No matter your age or education, job description or pay grade, whether you are a student, a parent, business person, teacher, novice or accomplished artist this presentation is for everyone who desires and dares to access, maintain, and sustain their Creativity. Patrick  will point people in the right direction toward rekindling their embers and restoring the Creative Flame.