Keynotes, Presentations, and Lectures

Patrick’s popular TEDx talk, Creativity: Lost and Found, shows his wholehearted commitment to his audiences.  Patrick helps people understand they each have a deep connection to their innate creativity and this  inherent creative relationship can be reignited.   His lifelong creative devotion, extraordinary creative comprehension, and irresistible enthusiasm inspires and motivates audiences to embrace their authentic innovative potentials.  Every innovation is a creative process.  Patrick’s keynotes awaken creativity so innovation can follow.


1/2 Day, Full Day, Weekend Retreats

Awakening Innovation;  a revolutionary training program developed by renowned creativity expert and award winning artist Patrick Williams, represents a new paradigm for increasing innovation and creativity and setting new standards of excellence for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate teams.

Patrick is transforming how people can access and restore their core creativity which is positively linked to well being, productivity, communication skills, comprehension, critical and complex thinking, curiosity, and much much more. Patrick’s skillful teaching style provides astute insights, deep guidance, and a strong and reliable groundwork from which clients can authentically connect to their natural and innate creativity.

Understanding your personal creative process leads to actionable innovation.


Individuals, Teams, and Companies

The innovation process is fraught with twists and turns as well as detours and roadblocks.  Patrick expertly guides clients toward resolutions of the most daunting and seemingly insurmountable innovation issues.  Getting stuck and stumbling during the innovation  process is natural.  Rising out of those formidable innovating  situations require deep comprehension of the creative process.  Patrick’s consulting services  provide clients with the tools and practices which put them back on a better road for authentic innovation.


One on one mentoring is one of the greatest ways to attain and maintain enduring creativity.  New creative skills and understandings  can then be directly and effectively applied to innovation.  Patrick brings over 40 years of mentoring practice to his clientele.  Patrick has a rare gift of bringing together immense expertise and  brilliant teaching.   Prepare for profound life changing creative discoveries that can only emerge from a great mentoring relationship.

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