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Every innovation is a creative process.   Satori Innovation restores clients innate creative talents to improve work performance and accelerate innovation.  Authentic innovation can only emerge from deep creativity. 

As children we each expressed our original creative personalities.  Satori Innovation teaches clients how to retrieve their creative expertise.  Access to our inherent natural creative abilities expand and enhance our lives at work , at home, and in the world.

Value Proposition:

Plenty of companies and businesses have trouble with innovation. It is common for individuals and team members to experience  stress  and frustration because they feel uncreative.  

Each person within a company should have access to their authentic creative and innovative abilities.  Creativity strengthens productivity, performance, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, learning abilities, planning, time management, company vision, innovation and much more…  

Understanding one’s own creative capabilities allows a person the freedom to explore new, fresh, original, even breakthrough ideas.  Every company needs novel and groundbreaking thinking.  Satori Innovation teaches practices and processes which restores peoples innate creative skills and talents. 

We were all very creative as children. Deep down, people know they are creative.  Satori Innovation reawakens our essential creative selves.


Satori Innovation is an ideation accelerator;

collaborating with clients to bring forth their unique innovative vision, expertise, and skills.  

Through keynotes, presentations, workshops, trainings, mentoring, and consulting; 

Satori Innovation enhances business agility, performance, social impact, and helps build authentic innovation cultures. 

Satori Innovation is a multifaceted consultancy bringing resilient innovation to those who dare to lead with Creativity.

Every Innovation is a Creative Process.

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“I wish you the best of luck in pursuing your career. I agree with you completely about pursuing your passion— any other course is just marking time throughout life.” personal letter from Warren Buffet

“I watched your TEDx Talk.  It was great – and powerful.   Brad Feld 

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Creativity: Lost and Found



-I’m on a Mission to Awaken and Ignite Creativity!-

    I am intensely passionate about sharing with people all that I feel, experience, and know about Creativity, Ideation, and Innovation.

Through my dynamic and innovative presentations and workshops I create inspiring learning environments in which people Awaken their original Creative Essence.

I believe we can all be part of turning things around in a world that desperately needs us to remember and restore Our Extraordinary Creativity.