Awakening Innovation for the Business World

Satori Innovation teaches business cultures Authentic Creativity. 

Satori Innovation is setting in motion a new paradigm regarding authentic resilient business innovation.

Patrick Williams’ advanced  Innovation, Ideation, and Creativity work is actualizing  new standards of excellence for entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations.  

  Patrick expertly articulates, demonstrates, and teaches how to reconnect, maintain, and sustain innate creativity.

Satori Innovation builds  enduring innovation cultures.

Every innovation is a creative process.


“I wish you the best of luck in pursuing your career. I agree with you completely about pursuing your passion— any other course is just marking time throughout life.” personal letter from Warren Buffet

“I watched your TEDx Talk.  It was great – and powerful.   Brad Feld 

Patrick’s TEDxCU Talk-

Creativity: Lost and Found



-I’m on a Mission to Awaken and Ignite Creativity!-

    I am intensely passionate about sharing with people all that I feel, experience, and know about Creativity, Ideation, and Innovation.

Through my dynamic and innovative presentations and workshops I create inspiring learning environments in which people Awaken their original Creative Essence.

I believe we can all be part of turning things around in a world that desperately needs us to remember and restore Our Extraordinary Creativity.

  1. Because we’re all Creative. Let’s Stay Creative.



The speakers and crew.


Zhenghua Yang

TEDxCU %22magnificient sweeping gestures...%22

Patrick Williams


A packed house at Folsom Field


The Speakers: A World of Progress